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Dear colleagues!

Welcome to our photo report on the Vienna Summer of Logic (VSL, 9th-24th July, 2014, Vienna). For the most part, this photo report covers the International Joint Workshop on Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems and Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments 2014 (CICLOPS-WLPE 2014, July 17-18, 2014, Vienna, Austria). The workshop was held in conjunction with the 30th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2014, July 19-22, Vienna, Austria). The dinners of CICLOPS-WLPE 2014 were joint with WST 2014 and CHR 2014. We have also visited the Summer School on Computational Logic 2014, the FLoC Olympic Games 2014, KR 2014, and other activities of the Vienna Summer of Logic.

The proceedings of CICLOPS-WLPE 2014 have been published as technical report AIB-2014-09 at RWTH Aachen University. You can access these proceedings at

We apologize for that several photos have no captions still. Please help us to identify all persons in the photos! Send us E-Mail if you know the name of somebody in a photo who is not identified still and we will update the photo report immediately.

picture The first day (17.07.2014)
The first day (17.07.2014).
picture Dinner (17.07.2014)
Dinner (17.07.2014).
picture The second day (18.07.2014)
The second day (18.07.2014).
picture Alexei Morozov's report (18.07.2014)
Alexei Morozov's report (18.07.2014).
picture Dinner (18.07.2014)
Dinner (18.07.2014).
picture The next days (19-23 July 2014)
The next days (19-23 July 2014).
picture Vienna sightseeing (16-23 July 2014)
Vienna sightseeing (16-23 July 2014).
picture Bratislava sightseeing (16-23 July 2014)
Bratislava sightseeing (16-23 July 2014).

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